Debate over circus coming to King County

Garden Brothers Circus said it’s bringing its show to King County next week, but the Enumclaw Expo Center said they have terminated the contract.  

“This is very upsetting. It’s a small town, you know, a lot of people were getting excited about it and hundreds if not thousands of people are going to be out a lot of money,” Samantha Gates said. 

Gates saw an ad about the circus on Facebook and bought two tickets for $12.50 apiece.

Quickly, rumors started spreading around town.

“A gal reached out to me and said that she reached out to the Expo Center directly and that they held no contract with the circus and that the circus would not be (coming to) Enumclaw,” Gates said. 

Garden Bros Circus said that the expo tried to call off the event, but circus workers had already paid a $325 deposit, obtained permits and have a fully executed contract for May 19. 

The circus said it still plans to perform in Enumclaw.

They’ve sent out flyers across town promoting the event, posted details online and started selling tickets. 

“Trying to cancel this show does not only put our business out of $50,000-plus, but is also very disappointing to all of our customers who have been waiting to enjoy our show,” Kylee Shepperd said. 

Enumclaw Expo Center’s general manager said the circus didn’t meet their terms, so they terminated the contract. 

Following the speculated stop in Enumclaw, Garden Bros Circus is scheduled to perform in Ellensburg on May 20 and in Michigan on May 21. Both event locations said they have contracts with the circus and plan to hold the events. 

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