Circus Extreme arrives in Cardiff as part of European tour

The one-of-a-kind performance features some of the most talented performers in the world and will be sure to excite, amaze and terrify audiences in equal measure

This month a new death-defying and extreme circus is arriving in Cardiff as part of its European tour.

Merging modern and contemporary styles with extreme stunts and classic clown escapades, audiences will be amazed by the jam-packed Circus Extreme with show-stopping performances that will have you on the edge of your seat, when not falling off it with laughter.

Acts include the Danguir Troupe, who will be performing a high wire and double wheel of death stunt which has never been seen before in the UK. World record holder and leader of the troop Mustafa Danger will be flying in all the way from Africa for the performance.

Just back from its European tour, the extreme FMX team will be bringing jaw-dropping stunts to the Big Top as riders fly through the air displaying cliff-hangers, supermans and other heart-stopping stunts. Battling for air space, resident riders are sure to get the adrenaline pumping as they defy gravity with incredible mid-air backflips.

The stunt riding team will also be performing the iconic Globe of Death routine. The most death-defying act ever completed, the group experience G-force similar to that of a fighter pilot. Watch as they loop vertically and horizontally all while encased in a mesh sphere. This really is one for the petrolheads!

To provide the laughs, Henry the World famous Prince of Clowns, a legendary figure in the circus industry, will be keeping the audience amused throughout the show. Don’t look down during the gravity-defying tight rope walks

On top of this there will be the Cloud Swing flying Trapeze, Whirl Wind Jugglers and many more acts. This really is an event with something for everyone, if you’re a petrolhead, theatre-goer, thrill seeker or simply wanting to see one of the greatest shows of its time, make sure to get your tickets fast.

The show will be housed in the UK’s largest state of the art, climate controlled Circus Big Top,

The shows will take place every day from Friday May 24 to Sunday June 2 with two shows taking place each day in the afternoon and evening.

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