Uncle Sam’s American Circus was a night not to be missed when the show came to Castle Bromwich


Hundreds of people from Castle Bromwich and further afield flocked to The showfield in Water Orton to see the greatest show on earth, as Uncle Sam’s American Circus came to town.

An impressive classic Big Top appeared on the Showfield  welcoming little kids and big kids to the circus.

I was one of those who was attracted to the bright lights and made my way down to the park to see what was in store at the circus.

The only circus I had ever been to before this was at Blackpool Tower, so I knew this one had a lot to live up to – and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

First to take to the stage were the Alambria duo with their fearless high wire performance in the roof of the Big Top.

The pair pulled off some impressive tricks, including using a skipping rope on the wire and even cycling across it, keeping audience members on the edge of their seats.

Nikolino, the clown, made multiple appearances throughout the show, bringing great laughs to the big top as he tried out his skills as a ballerina – dancing to Swan Lake, before ditching the classic music in favour of some Michael Jackson hits.

I cannot deny that he was extremely funny and made for some great comic relief between biting my nails or hiding behind my hands watching some of the incredible acts.

Thunderball riders raced around in the globe of death

The Thunderball Riders then climbed onto their motorbikes and whizzed around at breakneck speeds of 60mph in the classic globe of death, putting on a great – but terrifying – show.

It was the first time I had seen a globe of death in real life but it was certainly something I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

To add to the giggles, Denisa and Auriel performed their slapstick clown act, trying to move a seemingly inanimate clown doll around the ring as it continuously flung its arms and legs around, hitting the performer as he tried to move it away.

The great finale came in the form of the record-breaking Kovachev, who ran around on the wheel of death, a contraction similar to a giant egg timer, which spun as they performed tricks.

The pair have been the only people in Europe to complete a somersault on the wheel of death, blindfolded and they showed their skills again, executing the trick perfectly.

If you want to find out where is performing throughout the year log on to www.americancircus.co.uk

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