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Next year, the Circus Nock, the oldest and second-largest circus of Switzerland, its 160-year anniversary would have been celebrated. So far, such as the family Nock has today announced Friday. “We say good-bye in deep gratitude of our loyal audience, the circus fans and our many supporters”, said a Communiqué with the title “If nostalgia, professionalism and passion alone are not enough.”

And: “The shining eyes of our big and little spectators at our numerous performances and those of our great artists will forever remain in our memories. The circus life and the circus air will be missed.”

This means: The circus is not on the Tour in 2019.

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As the reason for this is called the tradition of the circus family Nock-rich financial problems. The deficits have grown, “despite a very high self-financing”. The pitches prepared for the circus line, more and more problems.

“The courts are smaller, are not always available and the rental rates as well as the regulatory requirements increase from year to year”, it says. It’ll be at most tolerated. Previously, municipalities and cities would have still loved it if it had pitched its tents.

animal rights activists, and hot summers

this is The classic circus, from March to November traveling across the country, have always been greater competition. Also wanted to sit in the summer, no one in a hot circus tent.

a VIEW is reached on Fredy Knie junior (72), the largest competitors of the Nock, on the phone. “I’ve just learned from the media of the news. I think it is a great pity,” he says. “Yes, it is not a simple business. You have to fight hard.”

authorities have not confirmed

The Nocks to make the protection of animals for Broke: “animal rights activists criticize animal numbers and the keeping of animals,” writes the family. The conditions were constantly become more stringent. “A circus today has to master the difficult balancing act between nostalgia and Innovation.” This is the balancing act of the Circus Nock has not done, apparently.

The question of whether a bankruptcy proceedings, could not answer the relevant Aargauer dishes.

What happens to the artists?

This year, the circus planned a “Mini-Tour”. Instead of from March to November, they would be only from June to October. Especially in the home Canton of Aargau. From performances in the Western and Central Switzerland and in Ticino did. Official reason: they wanted To save money for a big Tour of the 160-year anniversary next year. “We had the hope of the rudder in a difficult Situation again around the tear and good mood with the circus, to generate,” says a Person who was in the planning to VIEW. You would like to remain anonymous.

In Communiqué, a Detail in the eye, that leaves a glimmer of hope stands out: It was decided that the circus “until Further notice” not to continue. What does that mean exactly? Coming back to the circus soon? Like LOOK knew also, what happens to the artists that have committed themselves for the season and how many employees will lose their Job. Several requests have so far been left unanswered.

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