Circus Vargas returns to Folsom

For some, it’s the picture of childhood: holding the hand of a parent as we traipse through bustling crowds under red and white-striped tents, munching the cotton candy we hold in our spare hand, trying to keep up with the thundering voice of the announcer as he broadcasts act after death-defying act. Breathlessly and giddily, we watch jugglers, flying trapeze artists and acrobats as they defy the impossible again and again.
Yes, the circus is coming to town – Circus Vargas, to be specific. Only this circus is lacking one thing: the animals.

“We receive many inquiries as to why Circus Vargas’ current productions do not include animal acts,” said Rolanda Kaiser, director of public relations. “The creative concept behind the reincarnation of Circus Vargas has simply been a natural progression in the long and stellar careers of owners Nelson and Katya Quiroga.”
A veteran acrobat and aerialist, Nelson focuses his work on the acrobatics of the circus. Katya, a former ballerina, focuses on the beauty of movement.

“The current productions, born of their artistic collaboration, are based on the human aspect of their combined circus experiences and expertise,” Kaiser said.
Is it really the circus with no animals? For some, it’s even better, because there are no concerns of animal rights being violated – a blemish on the memory of Barnum and Bailey and other circuses.

“Circus Vargas is absolutely circus at its best,” Kaiser said. “It just happens to be animal-free.”

The theme of this year’s Circus Vargas is “Dreaming of Pirates,” and it promises not to disappoint. Having just finished a stint in Roseville, the circus will be coming to Folsom’s Lakeside Church Oct. 10 through 14. Attendees are encouraged to come early for a pre-show celebration, during which children can learn circus skills like juggling and balancing. Performers will also be available to mingle with attendees after each performance. General admission tickets start at $15 for children and $25 for adults.
The memory of going to the circus holds the magic of childhood, to be sure, but are we ever too old to enjoy the circus?

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