Circus puts on a show of support after storms

Jessica Mcgrath

THE circus could not come to town, but they were able to assist in the recovery after the South Burnett’s severe storms.

Hudson’s Circus was due to perform in Kingaroy from October 17 to 21, but due to the heavy rain, severe storm damage and more heavy rain forecast on the way, decided to postpone Kingaroy shows.

Instead, they stayed at Orion Springfield Central and put on a charity fundraising show to assist with the storm recovery on October 17.

There was $10 from every charity ticket donated to the emergency relief from the storm.

The circus donated a total of $790 to the Human and Social Recovery Sub-Group providing emergency relief from damage caused by the storm.

The money was subsequently distributed to an agency who in the course of the recovery has provided significant support to those impacted by the storm event on October 11.

South Burnett Regional Council Mayor Keith Campbell said the Human and Social Recovery Sub-Group would make a recommendation to the council in identifying the recipients of the funding at the end of November.

“I wish to thank Hudson’s Circus for this very generous donation to our region,” he said.

“The continuing support we are receiving from within and from outside our community is humbling and very much appreciated.”

The circus refunded all Kingaroy tickets, and will announce the new South Burnett tour dates when they are booked in.

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